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Frank Gray was born and raised in the Holmesburg/Mayfair neighborhoods of Northeast Philadelphia and spent his middle school years in rural Montgomery County Upper Perkiomen School District. He attended high school in Philadelphia and graduated from Father Judge. Coming from a lower-middle class blue-collar family and neighborhood, Frank developed a hard work ethic along with a driven entrepreneurial sprit at a very early age. Starting in 3rd grade, he would go door to door shoveling snow in the winters and operated a drink & baseball card stand in the summers with his friends. This hard work ethic guided him to graduate in the top 25% of his high school class and gain admission to The Pennsylvania State University for Biology.

He initially dropped out of Penn State after three semesters due to a lack of interest in his field of study. He worked multiple odds and ends jobs while starting an eBay business to continue funding his education. He enrolled in Bucks County Community College where he earned an Associates Degree in Business Administration. From there Frank worked in the private security industry while furthering his interest in Economics through investing. He attended Temple University for Finance & Economics for less than a year being forced to drop out due to family circumstances. While working a full-time night shift management position, he taught himself how to invest in the stock market through equity trading.

At 24 years of age, he opened his first trading account in 2012 with only $500 where he managed to earn an astronomical return of roughly 3,500% in the nano-cap, micro-cap, and small-cap stock markets in only six months; modifying regular investment strategies for traditional market cap investing to develop his own algorithms and strategies for smaller non-traditional markets. A few months later at the age of 25, he used his earnings to payoff outstanding college debt to Penn State and re-enrolled at the main campus. He went on to finish his Bachelors of Sciences in Economics with a double emphasis in “Macroeconomics, Money & Banking” along with “Theory and Quantitative Methods” with a minor in “Entrepreneurship: New Ventures”.

Frank joined the Boustany Film Company while taking multiple entrepreneurship classes with Griffin Boustany, where they met. Frank had a interest in film as a young child and would often skip middle school and high school classes by faking sick so that he could stay home to watch consecutive hours of movies. The two recognized each others hard work ethic and Frank decided to join Griffin’s groups in their entrepreneurship classes. Through these classes, Frank helped the company finish its’ first documentary by accelerating the filming and production processes using previously learned management techniques in the working world. After completion of the classes and the film, Frank was invited to join the company as a hired partner.