We offer a variety of services ranging from photography to videography and editing. Please see below for details regarding our event plans and pricing. If you require something a little more unique or have a question or two, feel free to contact us at any time.

Music Videos
Real Estate Photography


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Our Package Includes…

  • Photography
  • Best photos finished with Photoshop
  • Wedding video with custom soundtrack
  • Drone videography
  • GoPro footage



Any location within the continental US is included.
Please inquire about global options.

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$5,000 for every 30 seconds.

Music Videos

Real Estate Photography

When marketing a home, you can really only control a few variables. The location isn’t changing, redoing the kitchen is expensive and time consuming, and the price isn’t always very negotiable. The one area of marketing that can make or break a listing is the photography. We live in a digital world where a split second of scrolling through listings is all the chance you have to grab a buyer’s attention. Let us help you sell listings faster and establish a level of marketing quality that your brand will become known for.

An Actual MLS Photo

Our Photo of The Same Room!

18 Park Court-1

We primarily use a wide angle lens for interior photography and views, a standard lens for exterior photography, and a telephoto lens for detail shots. These are interchangeable based on the situation. We take all of our photos with Nikon DSLRs and provide our own lighting as well. For post-production, we use Adobe Lightroom for file handling and Adobe Photoshop for image finishing.

Budget Package
  • 15 MLS & print-ready images
  • 1-1.5 hour session
  • The package that gets the job done. These photos will look have our same quality of work on less photos for a smaller price tag.
Custom Package
  • 30+ MLS & print-ready images
  • 3+ hour session
  • This is the package you need for that unique listing to really stand out. It’s a beautiful home, so let us take beautiful pictures.

Optional Addons:

  • Drone footage compiled into a 1.5-3 minute video ($300)
  • Re-visit for additional photos ($75)
  • Twilight photoshoot ($150)
  • Express photo processing ($100)